Knowing a rap section was just what “Stop Listening to Worry” needed, postmodern rocker William Is put his faith in the mechanics of the universe and a “hip-hop artist needed” poster made in Google Docs. A week later, he heard from Chicago rapper/model/entrepreneur Deon Malik™, who agreed to jump in. After marinating in the lyrics and vibe for a few days, Deon returned with an energetic turn over 16 bars for the “Stop Listening to Worry” radio edit, and then a mindblowing extra 8 bars for the definitive title track of the maxi-single. “Stop Listening to Worry” also features Dylan Ryan (Cursive, Ether Feather, ManMan) on drums, and long time William collaborator Tim Koelling (Pink Monkey, High Hat Second Line, Four Star Brass Band) on tenor saxophones. “Stop Listening to Worry” drops November 5th, 2021.